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Our Packs


Body Basics – Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Moisturiser

4 x 30gm Tubes

Essentials for everyday

A handy bag that contains the basics for the everyday care of your hair & body.

1 x Shampoo

1 x Conditioner

1 x Body Wash

1 x Moisturiser


Rich Rituals – Cream Cleanser, Face Exfoliant, Cream Mask, Moisture Rich

4 x 30gm Tubes

Replenishing everyday skincare

The perfect skin essentials to nourish and replenish drier, mature complexions.

1 x Cream Cleanser

1 x Face Exfoliant

1 x Cream Mask

1 x Moisture Rich


Vital Minis – Cream Cleanser, Gel Mask, Face Exfoliant, Day Moisture

4 x 30gm

For vital skin health

A travel bag of vital essentials for the care of your normal, combination complexion.


1 x Cream Cleanser

1 x Gel Mask

1 x Face Exfoliant

1 x Day Moisture

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