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Reveal a clearer, brighter skin with diamond-tipped microdermabrasion treatment.

This diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and vacuum suction is a unique treatment that works to remove dead skin build-up, congestion, scarring, pigmentation while stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity and plump up the skin.

Microdermabrasion an excellent maintenance treatment for a normal skin type, but it is also a very effective option in treating acne and the signs of premature aging. For acne sufferers, fortnightly to monthly treatments is recommended.

Express Microdermabrasion

A complete quick but instant glow and go treatment that delivers results

Deep Cleanse Microdermabrasion

deeply exfoliating and non invasive treatment will provide you with the ultimate results . If your skin skin is feeling, dry, dull, dehydrated or congested then this is the ultimate facial for you.

High Performance Micro with Lactic or Enzyme Peel

A top of the range Micro treatment unlike no other. This amazing treatment effectively combats acne,breakouts, blackheads, pigmentation and ageing. If your skin is clogged extraction are preferred to Clearer the skin. A customised Lactic or enzyme peel is also applied to further enhance your treatment results.

Microdermabrasion with LED Add On

Enhance your microdermabrasion treatment with adding an LED Light therapy to your facial.


What are the benefits of a Microdermabrasion treatment?


  • A Brighter and clearer complexion – Gently removes dead surface skin and congestion to reveal clean, clear, bright, and purified skin.

  • Reduces breakouts and blackheads – It Unclogs pores and clears congestion to help reduce acne.

  • Deeply Cleansing – removes all traces of dirty, dead skin build-up and any congestion to reveal brighter, clearer skin.

  • Evens out skin tone – Treats premature aging, general scarring, acne scarring uneven skin colour such as pigmentation caused by sun exposure and breakouts.

  • Rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen production. By using the suction on the microdermabrasion machine it stimulates the collagen production in the skin, therefore, revealing a plumper, firmer,radiant-looking skin.

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