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Pure Natural Mineral Cosmetics

Made by hand in Byron Bay

Bronzer and Blush Beautiful Mineral Blends

We think that the secret to flawless skin is a healthy glow… and a little bit of mineral concealer! Lock down your look and hide imperfections with our organic foundation and concealer.

Give your complexion a bit of Dimension

ECO Minerals pure mineral bronzers are available in 3 stunning blends and our beautiful blushes come in 5 gorgeous shades. Created from 100% pure minerals, these stunning products are safe for your skin and toxin free.

Bronzer and Blush

Beautiful Mineral Blends

ECO  Refill – Mineral Makeup and eco friendly cosmetics

Save plastic and top up with an eco refill

ECO minerals is the original ECO friendly mineral makeup.  We look for every way that we can possibly minimise packaging.  We have no outer boxes on our products and offer biodegradable refill sachets for all powder products - in fact it is our mission to get every product refillable.

By refilling your container you will only ever need one container.  We provide quality containers so these will last and last - refill after refill.  

It is what's inside that counts - we keep packaging simple and make sure our parcels shipped out are wrapped in biodegradable or reused shipping materials.

Mineral Bronzer

A Sun Kissed Glow


ECO Minerals Pure Mineral Bronzer is an incredible mineral bronzer that offers a natural sun-kissed glow to your complexion.

Not only is this bronzer gentle on sensitive skin, but offers an SPF that natural minerals provide. 

Best applied with our Vegan Kabuki Brush

Choose from 3 different shades: 

Holiday - terracotta bronze for light/medium skins

ECO Exotic - semi-matte bronzer suits all skins

Summer - classic true bronze with subtle luminance

Mineral Blush

Get that fresh-faced look with our Perfection Dewy Mineral Foundation. Perfection Foundation is Vegan, 100% pure, cruelty-free, and available in eco refill sachets. Natural SPF 25+. Long-wearing and buildable coverage.

For a dewy, flattering finish on normal, dry, mature, or sensitive skin.

For oily/combination skin or those loving a matte finish choose our FLAWLESS foundation.

  • Light Vanilla - very fair skin

  • Vanilla - fair skin

  • Lightest Caramel - light skin with or without freckles

  • Lightest Beige - light skin with redness

  • Beige our BEST SELLER - medium skin

  • Neutral Sand -medium/tanned skin

  • Warm Beige - medium skin with redness

  • True Tan - classic beachy tan - amazing for faux tanners

  • Darkest Beige - tanned skin with redness

  • Olive - olive toned skins

  • Chocolatte - deep skin tones

ECO Refills of Mineral Foundation

Eco Refills for your Mineral Foundation

eco refills are a plastic-free sachet to top up your jar once you finish your container of foundation, bronzer, blush, or white light illuminate.

Environmentally Friendly Foundation

If you already have a mineral makeup container or jar, save plastic and top you your container with an eco refill.  Free shipping for eco refills in Australia. eco refills are also available for bronzer, blush and illuminate.

ECO refill - Bronzer, Blush, Illuminate

Eco refills for blush, bronzer and illuminate


ECO refills to fill up your original ECO minerals jar! The idea is to save plastic.  Here you can purchase refills for these products.


Foundation samples are also available. If you are just ordering refills and samples, shipping within Australia is FREE.

Custom Blend Refill

Custom Blend Foundation in Eco Refill Sachet

We happily create your custom blend.

Natural makeup, Powdered Mineral Foundation, Made to Match Your Skin Perfectly 

Not only the best foundation for you, but the most environmentally friendly version! 

*You must type in your formula in notes at checkout*

For example, your formula could be 50% Perfection Beige, 50% Perfection Lightest Beige.

Let us help if you are not sure - we can send you samples so you can work out your best blend.

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