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Facial - Skin Consulation

Complementary treatment before your service is performed

20 mins


Introduce Me Facial

All facials treatments commence with an extensive skin diagnosis. Extractions are completed in all 60mins facial treatments if needed. A Mini introductory facial to hydrate and cleanse your skin. Your skin will feel nourished with an instant boost of vitality.

30 mins


Back Facial

A deep cleaning back treatment which aids in the removal of blackheads, congestion, breakouts and dirt build up leaving your skin clean and fresh.

45 mins


Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleaning facial treatment which helps to reduce congestion, blackheads, dirt build up and breakouts leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and full of life . This facial is also great for reducing ingrown hairs and facial redness after shaving .


From $90.00

Age Vita Renewal Facial

Designed to treat an ageing skin concerned with fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration. This treatment will leave your skin feeling plump, hydrated and full of life, reversing the visible signs of ageing.



Multi Detox Clay Facial

This deep cleansing treatment helps to reduce congestion, breakouts and oiliness in your skin while effectively reducing inflammation and redness caused by acne breakouts and scarring.



Soothing Sensitive Facial

A complete soothing facial to treat sensitive, red irritated skins. This facial will leave your skin feeling cool, replenished and clean. Also great for treating rosacea skins.



Teen Facial

A deep cleaning facial with steaming and extractions to assist in the removal of blackheads, congestion and breakouts .



Ultra Hydrating Facial

Designed to soothe and hydrate a truly dehydrated skin. This facial will replenish and invigorate a stressed, dry moisture loss and weary skin.



Add On: Organic Ceutical Eye Treatment

Formulated to help rejuvenate, hydrate and firm the eye area. This treatment is ideal for fine lines, tired and puffy eyes.



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