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Pure Natural Mineral Cosmetics

Made by hand in Byron Bay

Mineral Concealer and Foundation

We think that the secret to flawless skin is a healthy glow… and a little bit of mineral concealer!

Lock down your look and hide imperfections with our organic foundation and concealer.

Luxe for less: high-quality, organic foundation and concealers for Australians

At eco minerals, we believe that looking good doesn’t need to cost the earth – figuratively and literally. Therefore, we have been creating high-quality and affordable mineral powder makeup right here in Australia for Australians since 2007. Whether you’re a makeup artist looking for a new vegan-friendly makeup range for your clients or you’re a makeup enthusiast, we know that paying for your cosmetics can get costly.

This is why we’re proud to offer high quality yet affordable mineral concealers and foundations to add to your collection. If you’re after long-wearing and buildable coverage, then you need to get your hands on one of our two pure mineral foundation types:

  • Perfection Foundation: This gives a fresh, dewy finish. It is amazing for normal, dry or mature skin, or anyone wanting a fresh and light makeup look throughout the day.

  • Flawless Foundation: If you’re looking for more of a matte finish, our flawless foundation is ideal. Best for oily skin or normal skin looking for full coverage, it can be worn lightly to provide an even skin tone and can be built up for full coverage.

  • We also offer Mineral Concealer in two shades – light and medium – to help minimise the appearance of large pores and small blemishes, and mask dark circles under the eyes.

Your Beauty, Naturally

With pure 100% natural mineral cosmetics

Your perfect foundation awaits online at eco minerals

We’ve got a foundation to suit any skin shade. Simply use our Colour Chooser and compare colour swatches to your skin. We’re so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer a 60- day refund or another colour for FREE.

We don’t just offer mineral powder cosmetics: we also provide a full suite of makeup products, including a makeup brush cleaner. As always, all our products are vegan, 100% pure, cruelty-free and available in eco refill sachets.

Proudly 100% natural, eco-friendly and vegan, eco minerals is cruelty-free and don’t contain parabens, talc powder, palm oil or other nasty ingredients. Made from ethically sourced pure minerals right here in Australia, we’re also mindful of minimising the impact of plastic waste, which is why our powder containers are also reusable. Shop with confidence knowing that all your products from eco minerals are helping the planet and our animal friends.

FOR FLAWLESS SKIN - matte finish, builds to full coverage, manages shine.

This long-wearing mineral foundation is 100% pure, has SPF 25, and is formulated to give a matte

finish on normal, oily, and combination skins. Help reduce shine and easily builds to full coverage.


If you love a fresh, dewy look or have dry or mature skin, try our flattering Perfection Foundation.

Full coverage foundation in 10 different shades

  • Ultra Lite - very fair skin

  • Light Beige - fair skin

  • Porcelain - light medium skin

  • Golden Light - light medium golden tone

  • Nude Beige - medium skin - * BEST SELLER *

  • Light Tan - medium/tan skin

  • True Beige - medium cool base

  • Sand - medium olive base

  • Olive - deep tones skin 

  • Mocha Magic - deepest tone skin

Perfection Dewy Mineral Foundation

Get that fresh-faced look with our Perfection Dewy Mineral Foundation. Perfection Foundation is Vegan, 100% pure, cruelty-free, and available in eco refill sachets. Natural SPF 25+. Long-wearing and buildable coverage.

For a dewy, flattering finish on normal, dry, mature, or sensitive skin.

For oily/combination skin or those loving a matte finish choose our FLAWLESS foundation.

  • Light Vanilla - very fair skin

  • Vanilla - fair skin

  • Lightest Caramel - light skin with or without freckles

  • Lightest Beige - light skin with redness

  • Beige our BEST SELLER - medium skin

  • Neutral Sand -medium/tanned skin

  • Warm Beige - medium skin with redness

  • True Tan - classic beachy tan - amazing for faux tanners

  • Darkest Beige - tanned skin with redness

  • Olive - olive toned skins

  • Chocolatte - deep skin tones

ECO Refills of Mineral Foundation

Eco Refills for your Mineral Foundation


Eco refills are a plastic free sachet to top up your jar once you finish your container of foundation, bronzer, blush or white light illuminate.

Environmentally Friendly Foundation

If you already have a mineral makeup container or jar, save plastic and top you your container with an eco refill.  Free shipping for eco refills in Australia.

eco refills are also available for bronzer, blush and illuminate.

Foundations purchased in our retailers are 5 grams.

Mineral Concealer

Natural Mineral Makeup Concealer for eyes, spots and blemishes

An effective liquid natural makeup and mineral makeup concealer formulated to make blemishes and dark circles beneath the eyes disappear....all whilst nourishing the skin.

This amazing concealer is based on pure minerals and plant oils - it is formulated for great coverage whilst keeping the skin balanced and not drying our like so many water-based concealers do shortly after application.


Fair to medium skins is best with Concealer Light.  Tanned and deeper skins are best with Concealer Medium.

Mineral Makeup Samples

Mineral Cosmetics Samples

Biodegradable sample sachets with Approx 3 applications.

Use our product chooser. 100% Colour Match Guaranteed - let us help you find your perfect colour 

PERFECTION foundation - flattering, fresh, dewy finish for dry, normal or mature skin

FLAWLESS foundation - matte finish - best for skin with oiliness or normal skin for a matte finish.

Custom Blend Foundation

Your Custom Blend Mineral Makeup

If you are not one of our shades, we can make a custom blend for you if you give us your formula.  You can work this out by using our samples.  The most common blends are 50:50 and 75:25.

Perfect full coverage foundation for sensitive skin


Please type the formula in the box at checkout.  


If you are not sure, contact us and we can help.  Custom blends are available in the 8 gram size only. 

For example, if Perfection Neutral Sand is too dark and Perfection Beige is too light, you can order 50:50 of each colour and we will blend this for you.

Sample Pack

Choose from four sample packs.  Each includes three foundation choices and three other product samples.


1. Light Fair - Fresh Dewy Finish
2. Medium Tanned - Fresh Dewy Finish

3. Light Fair - Matte Finish

Medium Tanned - Matte Finish

Flawless foundation, light tan

Flawless foundation, sand

Flawless foundation, olive

Eco exotic bronzer

Safari Gold eye shadow

Uluru blush

Custom Blend Refill

Custom Blend Foundation in Eco Refill sachet

We happily create your custom blend.

Natural makeup, Powdered Mineral Foundation, Made to Match Your Skin Perfectly

Not only the best foundation for you, but the most environmentally friendly version! 


*You must type in your formula in notes at checkout*

For example, your formula could be: 50% Perfection Beige, 50% Perfection Lightest Beige. 

Let us help if you are not sure - we can send you samples so you can work out your best blend.

Ultimate ECO Pack

This is the perfect way overhaul to your makeup and goes Vegan, Cruelty-free, and ECO with foundation, kabuki brush, bronzer/blush and Illuminate. High performance, Vegan, ECO-friendly cosmetics.

This huge pack includes:

  • 1 x Mineral Foundation - 5-gram jar

  • 1 x Supersoft Vegan Kabuki Brush

  • 1 x ECO Duo Brush

  • 1 x Your choice bronzer or blush

  • 1 x Your choice mascara or concealer or Alchemy Hi-light

  • 1 x Your choice of eye/brow colour

  • FREE shipping within Australia


All eco minerals purchases are 100 Colour Match and Money Back Guarantee!

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